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Pure Mitti

Multi-pocket Tote Bag

Multi-pocket Tote Bag

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100% Natural, GOTS certified cotton totally Handmade Biodegradable Canvas Tote Bags.


Dimensions and Variations: 

➤ L = 22in H = 7in W= 16in

Pockets depth = 11in 

2 Handles = one set to lift the bag and another set to carry it like a shoulder bag.


Extremely comfortable when carrying all your shopping goods. Insanely Durable Bags. Not all reusable bags are created equal | 100% certified organic unbleached cotton | They’re polyester-free nylon-free endlessly reusable and (if one is ever kidnapped and dragged to a landfill) totally biodegradable Their purposes are enormous- you can use it as a market bag to segregate your produce while shopping or a diaper bag or a beach bag, a yarn bag to segregate your yarns or just an everyday bag.

Pure Mitti - "Mitti" meaning earth, a natural brand helping our community move towards a sustainable eco-friendly living through our offerings of skincare, haircare, home cleaning and lifestyle solutions. Our brand is unique - free of SLS, all toxins, plastics, no fragrance oil, and most importantly palm oil and all our products are infused with the ancient science of Ayurveda ( herbal science dating 3000 years back). To maintain the authenticity and the purity of these products we integrate with the rural folklore in India who live by the mountainsides and river beds so the herbs are the most fresh and pure. As an advertising executive of National Geographic, I saw in close quarters how humanity has been destroying the planet with toxins, plastics. I was privy to how the commercial industry destroyed the wild life habitat giving more priority to the needs of humanity's convenience. I could not justify my silence seeing this situation. Pure Mitti is not just about the products we sell. It’s a way of life that translates hope into action – hope of a lush, thriving Earth and the joyful people that inhabit her. Pure Mitti has been featured in BuzzOnEarth, EatingWell magazine and was market picks for NYNOW trade show. Follow our zero waste journey on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest @puremitti

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