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Dental Lace

Dental Lace Vegan Floss + Refill

Dental Lace Vegan Floss + Refill

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Keep your smile bright and healthy, and our planet happy with Dental Lace’s refillable and eco-friendly plant-based vegan dental floss! This 100% zero waste product is founded and sold by a family-owned business in Maine. Their 100% natural plant-based vegan floss is compostable, toxin-free, refillable, and packaged inside a compact and stylish glass container with a stainless steel lid. Soothing plant-based vegan wax provides excellent cleaning power for a cleaner and brighter smile.

The Floss Starter Pack includes one Dental Lace container with one 33 yard spool of PLANT-BASED polylactic acid/PLA floss inside the container and one refill spool for a total of 66 yards of floss. 

Refill Packs include two spools of vegan polylactic acid floss with 33 yards each, no jar included.

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