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Candle Wax Refill | Compatible with Reusable Candle Jar

Candle Wax Refill | Compatible with Reusable Candle Jar

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No more piling up used candle jars in the corner of your living room, or feeling guilty about throwing them away. Now you can simply slide in one of Arbor Made's custom wax refills to your reusable candle jar and fill your home with the calming aroma of a candle, completely guilt-free!

These Candle Wax Refills are specifically designed for Arbor Made's Reusable Candle Jar, they are not compatible with other candle jars.

Scent Options:


Tucked away under the shade of a dark forest, you find yourself nestled next to the fireplace in a rustic wood cabin. Embers from the burning wood carry a hint of spice and warmth with this woodsy scent.


Watching as the waves crash gently upon the shore, you feel the clean, crisp air lightly mist your face. A rejuvenating mix of citrus and ozone, this scent brings brightness and peace to any room.


Walking through a blooming garden on a refreshing spring morning, you brush your fingers over the soft petals of a pastel peony. This light scent brings the perfect balance of sweetness and serenity.


As the morning sun shines into your room, you snuggle into your blanket and breathe in the creamy scent of vanilla with a hint of coconut. This warm, comforting scent softens your mind and sets a restful tone for the day. 


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