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Glass Straw

Glass Straw

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Strawesome Glass Straws are made from the same glass they use on space shuttles. While they are extremely durable, all purchases enjoy a lifetime guarantee. Each straw in 8 inches.

Available Straw Widths

  • Regular (9mm Outer Diameter) – This width is similar to that of a typical restaurant straw. It’s great for thin liquids such as water, juice or a slightly slushy pina colada.
  • Smoothie (12mm Outer Diameter) – A smoothie width straw is a must if you make thick, healthy smoothies. If you’ve ever tried to drink your smoothie straight from the glass, you’ll understand why this straw is important at keeping away “smoothie mustache”.
  • Boba (8" tall)  Our Boba Tea Glass Straw is great for sipping up your favorite boba tea also known as bubble tea. *Photos are in color, but the straw will come in clear.
  • Stanley (12" tall) - Replacement straw for the 40 oz Stanley® H20 FlowState Tumblers. Still works with a 30 oz Stanley, but would stand a little taller. *Photos are in color, but the straw will come in clear.
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