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Low Waste Louise

Toilet Cleaning Cakes - 10 Pack

Toilet Cleaning Cakes - 10 Pack

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Looking for a zero waste solution for cleaning your toilet? Look no further than Low Waste Louise’s Toilet Cleaning Cakes.

There are 10 cakes to a bag and after removing the tin tie, your bag can be composted along with the label.

How to use: Place one Cake in toilet bowl and wait 3-5 minutes for fizzing to complete. Scrub toilet bowl to remove stains and build up. Flush? Don’t flush? It’s up to you! The peppermint and tea tree essential oils create a fantastic aroma that will leave your toilet smelling better than ever.

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, distilled white vinegar, organic peppermint essential oil, and organic tea tree essential oil

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