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Boba & Vespa

Hemp Dog Bone

Hemp Dog Bone

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Boba & Vespa's Hemp Dog Bone Toy is designed to be healthy for your pup and the planet.

Their eco friendly dog toys are made with all natural materials, down to the thread. The Hemp Dog Bone Toy consists of durable hemp cotton canvas, organic cotton filling and heavy duty cotton thread.

Hemp is a natural wonder plant. It is highly renewable, grows without pesticides and is completely biodegradable. The Medium and Large size has an inner layer of cotton canvas for added durability.

Their bones contain zero toxic dyes, the colors you see are the colors of the nature. They are also squeaker free. Squeakers trigger instincts in dogs to rip things apart as they would small prey. Their bones comfort you pup by giving them the taste and smell of nature to snuggle up to.

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