What Can I Recycle?

We collect a variety of hard-to-recycle items and items for donations in-store. Please read full description of what is accepted. Please do not put products that are not accepted in boxes, they will have to be removed by staff and we do not have time to do this on a regular basis.

ATTENTION: Please be sure to clean your items thoroughly before bringing into the store (i.e. cut open toothpaste tubes and clean out). CONTAINERS MUST BE CLEANED AND DRY.


All brands of blades and razors (systems and disposable units, and replaceable-blade cartridge units), rigid plastic packaging, and flexible plastic bag packaging.


All brands of food storage containers (plastic and glass)


This includes toothpaste tubes and caps, toothbrushes, toothbrush and toothpaste tube outer packaging, and floss containers.


Shampoo bottles and cap, Conditioner bottles and caps, Hair gel tubes and caps, Spray bottles and triggers, Hair paste plastic jars and caps, lip balm tubes, Face soap dispensers and tubes, Lotion bottles, tubes, dispensers, and jars, Shaving foam tubes (no cans), Lip gloss tubes, Mascara tubes, Eye liner pencils and cases, Eye Shadow tubes, Concealer tubes and sticks

STASHER BAGS: Stasher bags that have reached the end of their life

SOLO CUPS: ONLY #6 rigid plastic cups

BREAD BAGS: All Bimbo Bakeries USA bread, buns, bagels, and English muffins bags.

For a full list of Bimbo Bakeries USA brands that are recyclable through this program, visit www.BimboBakeriesUSA.com.

CRAYONS: All brands of crayons.